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Dr Clinton Mallari
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Come to a place where you will be heard and healed.



Dr Mallari begins with an open mind and a patient ear

You alone know your pain.
You know everything about it: what, when and where you hurt. What you don't know is why - after you have tried all the traditional therapies (which failed), why are you still suffering chronic pain.
That's where Dr Mallari begins - with just you and your pain.
He asks two things:
* Show me where it hurts.
* Show me what movement makes it hurt.
Then the healing begins. He draws upon his three decades of experience, his keen diagnostic abilities, and his deep knowledge of international cutting-edge results-driven therapies, to help you reclaim a pain-free life.
2010 Patients' Choice Award winner, Dr Mallari earned his prestigious recognition as one of the elite care providers in America, thanks to rave reviews from patients just like you. Now that is credibility money can't buy.
Expect to be treated by a Board Certified physician every time you visit, as we do not employ physician assistants.

Hands-on: Low-tech, High-touch
At The Center for Pain Care, we understand how chronic pain alters one's life and health, both physically and emotionally. We treat patients with care, respect and sensitivity. We take pain seriously. So should you.
Learn Common Misconceptions About Treating Pain.
Feel free to contact our office to get more information about our treatment methods.

Alternatives: Non-Surgical, Non-Addictive Pain Treatments

Time is valuable. It is why The Center for Pain Care offers alternatives: time- and money-saving therapies that fit your unique preferences, personality, and lifestyle. Spend more time living, less recuperatiing. It's your pain - learn to live without it. Check out  - Your Options

We Have Excellent Results in Treating

* Arthritis (Rheumatoid and Degenerative)

* Rotator Cuff Injuries

* Degenerative Disc Disorders

* Sciatica

* Carpal Tunnel

* Fibromyalgia

* Headaches

* Facial Pain (TMJ)

* Musculoskeletal Injuries

- Work Related

- Sports Injuries

* Myofascial Pain Syndromes

* Nerve Injuries

* Post Herpetic Shingles Pain

* Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy

* Spinal Pain Syndromes

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