Pain Treatment Options

Q&A Pain Treatment Options With Dr Mallari

Want to learn more about Boise pain treatment options which are non-invasive, non-addictive options for chronic pain and pain management? Invite Dr Mallari to speak to your group or community in a forum which allows you to ask questions.

Dr Mallari is an engaging and knowledgeable speaker on the subject of Interventional Pain Management. Learn how compassionate pain management nets results and enhances the effectiveness of other pain treatment options and modalities of treatment.

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Pain Treatment Options

Fluoroscopically (x-ray) Guided Injections

This technique carefully guides the needle directly to the point of the affected spinal root. A study in the Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation reported that 75% of 69 patients treated with this method showed good long-term results. This treatment is available on-site at The Center for Pain Care office.

Low Level Laser Therapy

FDA-approved and effective in 75% of pain related conditions, “cold lasers” have been used around the world for three decades. The power of light, as expressed in photosynthesis, affects a plant’s cells to grow, repair and generate energy. Similarly, Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) enhances cell function for tissue and wound healing, and reduces pain and inflammation. Pre- and post-operative treatments can help reduce pain and accelerate healing. (no needles)

Medical Acupuncture

This scientifically-based and proven therapy works according to neuro-anatomic principles; it is very different than Chinese Acupuncture. The best part: it can sometimes provide instant relief.

Get first-hand accounts from people who’ve tried the technique, also known as “intramuscular stimulation”, and got their lives back. Watch the video above.