Pain Treatment Myths

Interventional Pain Management

Our goal is to work with you to relieve, reduce or manage your pain in order to improve your overall quality of life. We use minimally invasive techniques to manage sub acute, chronic, persistent and intractable pain – independently or in conjunction with other modalities of treatment.

Pain Treatment Myths

1We can alleviate pain with medication.

This is never a good long-term option for either physician or patient. Physicians fear addiction issues and will often avoid the most effective medications because of this. Patients need other options to control pain and the long-term use of medications.

2Findings on your MR/CT scan are the cause of your pain.

Bulging or herniated disks do not always cause pain; in fact, they can present as a “red herring” that distracts from the actual cause of your pain. A thorough physical examination and provocative testing can more accurately pinpoint the source of your pain.

3Physical therapy is a good first course of treatment.

When you are in pain this is the last thing you feel up to. Physical therapy involving exercise can often aggravate a painful condition and should be avoided until you have a complete evaluation of your condition. A skilled interventional pain physician will always provide pain control measures before committing to a course of treatment.

4Your best option is referral to a surgeon.

There are times when surgery is inevitable, but experiencing pain is not necessarily one of them. There are a number of non-surgical treatments that can and should be examined. An experienced interventional pain physician can help you evaluate those options.