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Avoided Surgery After Train Accident

In may of 1995 I was in a train accident injurying my T-spine and c-spine having lots of numbness tingling and severe pain in left hand elbow and shoulder, shoulder blade, front and back ribcage from belly button up. The company I worked for sent me to many Doctors including the ———- back institute. With not alot of help so while doing theropy in logan, ut in 1996 and having no improvement the PA recomended I see the new Pain doctor in town I was up for anything by now.

When I met Dr. Mallari I knew right then he was differant the first of Five who even took time to examine me and then drew out on the exam table paper and showed me exactly what was going on and then proceeded to fix my injury so I Could deal with it.

In the past 16 years I see Dr. mallari about every six months for pain control. He has treated my Knees with IMS to my spine using the Nerve blocks or RF oblasion including my tennis ebow with laser, plus my a c joint in right shoulder . And in sixteen years I Have not had any surgery. I even had a MD tell me at first I needed a rib Taken out . Well I still Have My rib. And with out Dr Mallari I would have considered this procedure.

Dr.Mallari has helped me for sixteen years He’s a real person who cares about all of us. I could go on and on About the life he has given me . But you will have to see for youselves. Trust him and he’ll help you like he has helped me! P.S so far with no pain meds.

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