Dr Mallari

The Center for Pain Care provides 21st Century pain treatments and advocates for non-surgical, non-addictive options to treat acute and chronic pain.

Dr Mallari, a Board Certified Physiatrist (Pain Doctor) with a subspecialty focus on Interventional Pain Management, is one of the early leaders of a nationally growing trend of Pain Management & Rehabilitation (PM&R) physicians performing interventional pain procedures (for which there is a specialty code with Medicare and Medicaid services). Dedicated to treating pain, Dr Mallari remains current with professional and technological advances in the treatment of pain. As a result, The Center for Pain Care is one of the first ten clinics in the United States to offer laser treatment for pain.

Patients travel from other states to Boise specifically to obtain Dr Mallari pain care treatments and therapies which help to avoid surgery and drugs.

Board Certified Physiatrist
American Society of Interventional Pain Physicians (ASIPP)